Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Dream Home Library

I love the smell of a newly opened book fresh from its plastic wrapper. Today I bought four new books. Three for me and one for my husband. Ever since I was a little girl, I always love reading books - novels, fairytale, self help, literature, even magazines. I started collecting books when I was in fourth year highschool, and until now, I still collect books. I have a dream of putting up a library for myself and my children and grand children. My dream Home Library was something spacious, shelves on the wall,  the light is bright enough, with a comfy couch. I think it would be best if the couch is like a lazy boy by the window sill. I found some of these pictures of home library from Google.

Here are the things I learned from reading:
1. Reading can bring you to places you've never been;
2. It gives you peace in the middle of chaos;
3. Reading feeds your curiosity;
4. Reading is NEVER boring;
5. Reading will tell you what really happened in a story turned movie;
6. Reading helps your vocabulary;
7. Reading is FUN.

I wish that my daughter (and my other future kids) would also love books the same way I do :)

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